About Us

We're interested in having the best gear, with the little free time we do have to use it.

We Are Adventure.

In 2016, I traveled to South East Asia for a month. While I was traveling, I decided to pick up a camera and just got creative while traveling from city to city throughout SE Asia. After returning home, I would drive places through out California to shoot more photos, looking for more adventures. All led up to researching & finding new photography spots, which lead to my deep interest in Van Life.

How do I use this Site?

Begin by visiting some of the different buyers guides & products reviews on NOMVDIST.com, with a specific goal in mind. For example, if you’re interested in keeping your adult beverages colder on the road, looking at our ice chest reviews page may be a good start for you. If you can’t find a buyers guide to what you’re looking for, drop us a line on Instagram or by email. We’ll look into creating a buyers guide for it.
We share our experiences and research with you. 

Why use NOMVDIST.com

The idea of NOMVDIST concept was formed with a specific goal in mind—Help you find quality product. If you’re trying to find the product that is best for you, 
and your needs, this blog will be useful for you. While most people purchase what is at their local Wal-Mart or Best Buy, people like you and I do research to find the best product. You’re in the right place.
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