Best Camping Blankets 2020 | Top 10 Reviewed

If you like camping, you probably already know that getting good sleep makes the experience a lot more enjoyable. Even while camping in warmer areas, it can get cold at night and risking hypothermia is neither fun nor safe. Getting a quality camping blanket can take care of this problem. For serious hikers, a quality camping blanket is basically a necessity. This article will walk you through some different types of camping blankets and what to consider when buying one, such as materials, weight, versatility, and more.

Camping Blanket Materials

The first thing you’ll want to consider before buying a camping blanket (also known as a camping quilt) is the environment you’ll be using it in. Do you often camp in wet or rainy areas? Will you need to choose a blanket made from an extra warm fabric? Let’s look at some common camping blanket materials:

Fleece Camping Blankets

Fleece is a soft, warm material that provides insulation and wicks away moisture. Unlike wool, it dries fairly quickly after it gets wet. It’s also lighter than wool. If you plan to camp in cold, dry areas, this could be a good camping blanket material to choose.

Acrylic Camping Blankets

Acrylic is a synthetic material used in boot lining, clothing, and fake fur. It’s a common material in sportswear because of its moisture-wicking properties. Although acrylic materials tend to be mildew-resistant, remember that they are also flammable and should be used with caution near campfires.

Polyester Sleeping Camping Blankets

Polyester is a lightweight, warm, and soft material common in camping blankets. Unlike acrylic materials, it’s non-flammable.

Nylon Blankets for Camping

Nylon is another common camping blanket material and comes with the benefit of being waterproof. Nylon is strong and can be machine washed, then hung to dry. For people who need a very tear-resistant material, there is also Ripstop Nylon available. If you often camp in wet places, regular or Ripstop Nylon could be good choices for your camping quilt.

Wool Camping Blankets

Wool is basically the warmest natural material you can get and traps your body heat very well. Wool isn’t waterproof, obviously, but it will dry if you get it wet. It’s also resistant to fire. These qualities make it great for cold camping environments.

Other Considerations for Choosing a Camping Blanket

Before selecting the best camping blanket for you, it’s necessary to think about how you’ll use it. Here are a few considerations to think about before you decide:

Small or Large Outdoor Camping Blanket

Size is an important factor when choosing a camp blanket. It should go without saying that you’ll want one that covers your entire body, but it’s possible to select one that’s too big, as well. Selecting the right size will ensure that it keeps you warm but also doesn’t get too heavy. You may also think about size in relation to whether you camp alone or with family, as having a bigger blanket can provide a good seating area for a group.

Light Weight Camping Blankets

Experienced hikers and campers know that lightweight essential items are best. No one likes to find themselves a few miles into a journey only to realize that their gear is far too heavy. For people who plan to combine camping with hiking, a lightweight camping blanket will definitely be best. If you don’t plan to carry a backpack or a ton of gear, however, weight may not be such an issue and a heavier blanket could actually be worth it for cold trips.


Versatility is also worth considering when you’re choosing a camping quilt. Having a blanket that only works for one type of weather or situation may be nice, but it’s also limiting. Although lightweight options are convenient for obvious reasons, the ability to use your blanket in different climates might be even more important to you. A versatile choice would probably be waterproof, quick-drying, and lightweight, all in one.

Packing Convenience

How easy a blanket is to pack is another important factor, especially if you usually hike to get to your camping spot. For people who tend to take their cars to their camp grounds, a heavy blanket is fine. But most campers will want to find a blanket that folds down into a small package or comes with a bag for ease of transport.

The Best Camping Blankets on the Market Today

Keeping all of the above considerations in mind will help you select the best camping blanket for you. Below, we’ll review some of the top choices for specific needs.

The Best All Camping Quilt- The Montem Sneaky Snuggler

For people who need a large camping blanket, the Montem Sneaky Snuggler is a good option. It comfortably fits one person but is big enough for a couple. While some blankets require a “breaking in” period to be comfortable, this one feels nice right away instead of itchy. Another benefit to this option is that it’s easy to fold up and comes with a carrying bag. Learn More..

The Best Lightweight Option- The SnugPak Jungle Blanket

If you’re one of those campers who likes to go on long hikes before getting to your destination, a light blanket will be the best choice for you. Made from Polyester, the SnugPak Jungle Blanket is lightweight, warm, and folds up nice and compact for easy transport. It’s made with high loft fibers that stay warm and soft even after being folded up. The blanket is water resistant, windproof, and has anti-microbial and antibacterial properties. Learn More

Best for Indoor and Outdoor Use- The puredown Natural Down Sport Blanket For people who want a blanket to use both inside and outside, the puredown Natural Sport Blanket is a good option. As the name suggests, the interior is made from 75 percent Siberian Down and the shell is Polyester. These materials make it environmentally-friendly and recyclable. The blanket is also washable, but note that it may feel a bit stiff when it first arrives. Learn More…

Best Selling Camping Blankets

I’ve done a bit of research, and put together a list of the best selling camping blankets for you. See the list below.


The right camping blanket can transform your camping experience and make it a lot more comfortable and safe. With the information given above, you should be ready to make an informed purchase.

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