The best camping chairs allow you to take comfort with you anywhere you go in the great outdoors. If you plan to spend a fair amount of time hiking, camping, or attending outdoor events, a camping chair is a good investment. It’s definitely more comfortable than sitting on the ground or a random rotomolded cooler.

Benefits to Using a Camping Chair

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting in an ant hill on accident, you already understand what a camping chair can do for you. Plus, a lightweight option built for the outdoors is undoubtedly more convenient to use out than other types of chairs, which may not be as resistant to the elements. Not to mention that ordinary chairs aren’t exactly easy to tote around. What are some other benefits to using a folding camping chair?

A Camping Chair to Support Your Back

If you have back pain or discomfort, you shouldn’t sit with your back unsupported. A camping chair can offer you spine support and some are even made specifically to target these issues.

Extra Seating for Families

If you have a big family that won’t all fit around a picnic table, having an extra folding camping chair handy is very convenient. You can also bring your chair along with you when attending other people’s outdoor events in case they’re short on seating.

Lighter than Other Chairs

Camping chairs are far more convenient to bring along with you than ordinary folding chairs or just regular chairs. They are built to be portable, so you can put them in the trunk of your car or even carry them without too much hassle.

What to Consider before Buying

Most folding chairs are designed to be easy to carry and withstand the elements. But what else should you look into when you’re choosing the best camping chair for you? Below, I’ll cover some features you should think about before making your decision:

Extra Features

Camping chairs come in all different shapes, sizes, and with various extra features. Are you looking for something simple, or do you want to have cup holders, side tables, or additional storage on your chair? If you plan to use your chair for multi-day camping trips, extra features could be nice.


How big does your camping chair need to be to comfortably suit your needs? This might differ if you’re a smaller person or if you’re carrying some extra weight. But most camping chair designs should be suitable for a wide variety of people.

Ease of Cleaning

Most outdoor chairs are built to be weather-resistant and made from durable materials. They are usually designed to be easy to clean, but you may want to double check this depending on where you plan to use the chair.


Do you need a heavy-duty chair that can withstand rough treatment? The durability of the materials used in the chair you end up choosing may be very important to you, or not so important. So make sure you identify the conditions you’ll be using your chair in and choose accordingly.

Most Comfortable Camping Chairs & Design

Camping chairs come in different styles and designs. While most of them are foldable, the way they fold might vary from brand to brand. There are also camping chairs that don’t have a backrest, although the ones that do tend to be much more comfortable. Another design aspect to think about in your chair is color.

Lightweight Camping Chairs

Folding camping chairs are most often made of steel or high-quality wood that will last a long time. The chair seat is typically metal, cloth, plastic, or even wood. These materials make outdoor folding chairs safe for different types of weather and also make them easy to clean. Although there are plenty of options out there, especially on the Internet, they only have the most basic of features and not many other benefits. In this article, I’m going to cover some of the best options on the market for camping chairs.

Best Folding Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are important, but they aren’t as essential for hiking as other items. So when you choose one, you’ll want to make sure it’s worth the extra effort. The options below were specifically chosen to be the best for certain needs and I made sure they were all top-quality. The Most Comfortable Camping Chair- REI Co-op Flexlite Chair This chair has an aluminum frame, 4-leg design, and Ripstop nylon. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, a mesh pocket for your phone or book, and is easy to fold up when you’re done with it. The seat on the REI Co-op Flexlite Chair is breathable and will dry fast if it rains, and the chair itself isn’t too heavy to carry on your hiking trip.

Best Camping Chair for a Bad Back- The STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Support

It isn’t easy to find a folding chair that both offers support and isn’t too hard to carry around, but the Strongback Elite fits the bill. The exclusive frame makes it supportive for your lumbar area and will save your back from discomfort. Keep in mind that you should use this with its carrying bag or it might be a little inconvenient to transport. This chair comes in 4 different colors. A great addition to site around your camping table.

Best Lightweight Camping Chair – The Terralite Portable Camp Chair

If easy portability is one of your main concerns with selecting a chair, you will appreciate the Terralite Portable Camping Chair. It can support up to 350 pounds, won’t sink in mud or sand, and attaches to your backpack with Velcro straps. The supportive frame is made from super durable, aircraft-grade aluminum. This chair is easy to set up, comes with a mesh storage bag, and has a washable seat.

Here are some of the Best Selling Camping Chairs

I’ve done a bit of research, and put together a list of the best selling camping chairs for you. See the list below.


As soon as you’ve chosen the best camping chair for your needs, you’ll probably want to take it with you every time you visit nature. Not only does it make outdoor events and camping more enjoyable, but you can always set it up right on your own back porch at home to enjoy a sunset.

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