Consider a Non Lethal Weapon while camping, you always need to consider that the worst can happen. Be ready, if someone attempts to ‘be the bad guy’ while out of the road. So I’m going to recommend a few less lethal weapons you can use at home, and while on the road. While residential homes tend to be relatively safe in the United States, home invasions are a regular occurrence in some areas. As someone with a family, you want to be able to deal effectively with attackers and take control of any potentially dangerous situation.

Less Lethal Weapons

Many people who want to be able to defend themselves and their families from home invaders are not comfortable with firearms, however. If you don’t want a gun in your home, you can opt for a non lethal weapon that can be equally effective in stopping an attack.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the most effective non-lethal self defense weapons for your home.

Non-Lethal Bean Bag Shotgun

A bean bag shotgun is a standard 12-gauge shotgun that fires a bean bag round that consists of a fabric bag filled with #9 lead shot. A bean bag round weighs 1.4 oz and travels at a speed of between 230 and 300 feet per second.

As the bean bag travels from the barrel, it spreads out to cover a target area of one square inch. When the round hits an intruder, it will result in minimum long-term trauma and muscles spasms to render the attacker immobile. There will be no penetration, however.

For optimal accuracy, you have to be closer than twenty feet to the attacker, but with a bean bag shotgun, you have a maximum range of seventy feet. A bean bag shotgun is ideal for home defense as you will be able to stop an attacker effectively in a close-quarter environment.

Less than Lethal Rock Salt Shotgun Shells

Rock salt shotgun shells are often referred to as a viable option for home defense. In specific circumstances, rock salt shotgun shells may be sufficient to ward off intruders.

If you replace the shot in your shotgun shells with rock salt, you have an effective non-lethal weapon if the attacker is within twelve feet away from you. You may be able to stop an attack if the intruder is less than thirty feet away, especially if you hit a sensitive area like the neck, face, or groin. At four feet, your shell will do significant damage, and the intruder will need immediate medical help.

One of the drawbacks of using rock salt shotgun shells is the fact that you can’t stop an attacker from far away. A benefit of rock salt shotgun shells is that, since rock salt has almost no mass, you won’t feel any recoil.

Salt Rifle for Home Defense

Salt rifles are popular for home protection. This gun fires rounds containing a chemical powder that can inflict temporary blindness, shortness of breath, and disorientation on an attacker. The active ingredient of the chemical powder is oleoresin capsicum (OC.)

Each round is about the size of a dime, and a typical salt gun’s magazine can carry up to seven rounds. When the shot hits its target, it explodes to form a five-foot dust cloud. As a result, you may be able to ward off multiple attackers in your home.

A standard 12-gram CO2 cylinder is sufficient for firing all seven rounds with enough force to deter an attack. A salt gun is larger than mini pepper spray cans, and you will not be able to conceal and carry it easily. However, as a weapon for home defense, a salt gun is a viable option.

Baseball Bat

A baseball bat is one of your more straightforward options when it comes to home defense. They are affordable, durable, easy to use, and great for close quarter situations. Some baseball bats are developed explicitly for home defense and are available in different sizes and materials.

A baseball bat’s weight provides sufficient leverage and force, and they are easy to swing. You are not likely to be arrested for having one in your car or house, and they are easy to hide behind a door or cupboard.

There are some drawbacks to baseball bats as a means of self-defense. You need sufficient room to swing the bat, and you have to use both hands. Frail individuals may also not be able to defend themselves adequately with a baseball bat.

Pepper Spray Gun for non lethal defense

Pepper spray guns typically look like miniature flare guns. Like salt guns, pepper spray guns also contain chemical powder with OC as an active ingredient.

There are several benefits to pepper spray guns. They are effective for deterring attacks, they are compact and lightweight, and they are easy to use, even if you did not receive any training in using them.

When choosing a pepper spray gun, find one that can spray at least twenty feet away and that gives you at least seven sprays. A spray containing UV dye will also help to identify attackers if they manage to get away.

Stun Baton

A stun baton is a combination of a baseball bat and a stun gun. Most stun batons are also fitted with a flashlight to blind or disorientate an assailant.

A high-quality stun baton will be able to withstand a lot of force, and even if you don’t stun someone, you may still be able to knock them out. Add the electricity, and your baton has some real stopping power.

When opting for a stun baton, it may be worth your while to attend some training to allow you to use this weapon effectively as a home defense weapon.

Taser Gun

A taser gun has a similar effect as a stun gun, but it can give you a range of around fifteen feet. Most taser guns are equipped with shaped pulse and electro-muscular disruption technologies to disable an attacker. A significant benefit of these weapons is that they are effective against people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

These weapons are popular among law enforcement and people who are not comfortable with guns. They are not, however, suitable for defense against more than one attacker. Also, they can be lethal, especially if the person getting stunned suffers from a cardiovascular condition or if you strike a person near their heart.

All the above are fantastic options for non-lethal home defense that the average person can use without difficulty. Personally, I keep one or two of these options handy, one in the front seat of my truck, and one attached to my rotomolded cooler since it’s typically in the middle of the camp site.

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