Best Portable Power Supply For Camping 2020 | Top 10 Reviewed

If you’re anything like me, you’re appreciate the best Portable Power Supply For Camping. You’ll enjoy taking the convenience of technology with you wherever you go. Not only is it useful for entertainment and work purposes, but it can make a huge difference if an emergency strikes.

Portable Power Supply to keep you powered up

But large, quality screens and high speed data on our increasingly thin devices can eat up the battery on your phone or tablet very quickly. And having to keep an eye on this while you’re traveling or enjoying a camping trip can really ruin the mood. A Portable Power Supply is an efficient solution for reconciling these issues. These products are a great way to keep your devices charged while you travel without killing your car battery. Portable Power Supply come in many sizes and shapes while all performing the same essential task; charging. But before making a selection, you’ll need to consider which devices you will be charging. Most devices, including tablets and phones, can be easily charged at least once with a Portable Power Supply, while Portable Power Supply’s suitable for laptops aren’t quite as travel-friendly. In this article, I will help you select the best power bank for your needs.

Portable Power Supply Capacity

What do you need to charge and how many charges must the Portable Power Supply provide? A smartphone won’t require as much power as a tablet, while charging more than one device will require a battery with a higher capacity. A quick way to figure out what will work best is looking at the battery capacity on the device you’ll need to charge.

USB Ports

Some people will want a high-capacity Portable Power Supply capable of charging more than one device at a time. If this applies to you, make sure the product you choose is equipped with enough USB ports for this task. It’s also important also need to check that the ports are all rated for the specific device you need to plug into it. In addition, there’s the total maximum output for all of the included ports. In other words, surpassing two or three devices will make everything charge slower. Usually, the higher the overall capacity, the more time the Portable Power Supply will require to charge the devices. For those who can remember to plug it in before bed, this can work. But as far as charging all three of your smart devices within a half hour, you may be disappointed.

Check Your Current Charger

Before choosing a power bank, look at your existing chargers for the device that needs a Portable Power Supply. Some smaller USB devices receive 0.5 amps, while other tablets and phones require more. If the power pack you’re thinking of buying doesn’t mention your smart device specifically, compare your existing charger’s specs with the Portable Power Supply’s specs. An Android or iPhone device, for example, will need at least five watts (or one amp). An iPad, on the other hand, will expect up to 12 watts (or 2.4 amps). Getting this right is important for being able to charge devices in a timely fashion. In order to charge the newest devices quickly, a battery with 15 watts (3.0 amps) or more of output will be required. Your smart phone or tablet will charge still even if the battery doesn’t have this, but the process will take longer. If being able to charge devices fast is a must for you, look for a battery with high output.

Extras for Your Portable Power Supply

Many portable Portable Power Supply users will need extras with their product, such as a USB wall adapter. Since most portable charging Portable Power Supply’s don’t work with a wall socket, the adapter makes the entire charging process more versatile and convenient. Certain adapters even let users charge more than one USB device at a time. Weight and size will increase with the portable battery packs capacity, so remember that when traveling. And lastly, you’ll need the right cable for charging your specific device or devices. Although some Portable Power Supply’s already come with this, others won’t, so always check this before going out of town. Now we’re going to cover the best products for various needs. I’m a big fan of power banks by and Goal Zero because they’re high-quality and also have solar panels available. Theeir power banks are a must have for car camping gear. Here are some of the highest-quality portable Portable Power Supply’s on the market right now.

Great for Car Trips

The Tacklife 600a 12v Car Jump Starter \\ If your car battery dying is a concern while traveling, the Tacklife 600a 12v Car Jump Starter is a good choice. It’s easy to use and has a LED light for use at night.

Best for Hiking or Backpacking

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel \\ If you’re a remote traveler and need something that works for your Kindle, digital camera, phone, and GPS, the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel packs down super fast. It’s also super durable.

Rechargeable Portable Power Supply for Camping

The Goal Zero 400 Portable Power Station \\ The Goal Zero 400 is best for simple charging needs and can be charged from multiple power items and sources. It works with a solar cell, car cigarette lighter, or ordinary electrical outlet.

Best Rechargeable Power Supplies for Car Camping on a Budget

If you have an RV and need to facilitate phones, computers, fans, lighting, and more, the Goal Zero 150 lasts for days on just one charge.

Portable Power Supply for Camping

The Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase \\ Like the power bank above, the Goal Zero Boulder 100 has the option of recharging with solar power. Though expensive, this station is solid and sturdy.

And no, this post is not sponsored by Goal Zero.

Top 10 Best Selling Portable Battery Power Supplies

I’ve done a bit of research, and put together a list of the best selling Portable Power Supply on Amazon for you. See the list below.

My Conclusion on these Portable AC Power Supply(s)

Efficient, affordable power on the road is a modern necessity. But the overabundance of options and information can make it hard to choose. Hopefully this guide helped you figure out which Portable Power Supply will be best suited for your camping gear checklist.

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